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EUC Lillebælt
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Fredericia Maskinmesterskole
Frederikshavn Handelsskole
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International Business College
Lemvig Gymnasium
Rødkilde Gymnasium
Rosborg Gymnasium og HF
Skive Gymnasium
UddannelsesCenter Ringkøbing Skjern
Viborg Gymnasium
Viborg Katedralskole

Why should you use Happenings?

You get a system to enforce the alcohol policy and create a safe party culture for your students.


Limit alcohol sales

Happenings is the perfect tool to introduce an alcohol policy at your high school. With the platform, you can choose how many items each student can buy at the event.

Contact with relatives

With ICE contacts you always have secure access to parents, guardians and relatives when a student is deemed inappropriate.


We are serious about GDPR

Happenings stores all data in the EU. We only work with European companies and for your security we have an ISAE 3000 certification.


Free ticket for students with a low blood alcohol level?

Reward sober students who voluntarily have their blood alcohol tested. If they have a blood alcohol level of 0.5 or below, you can refund the ticket price with Happenings.

Blacklisting made easy

Because all students are verified, you can also hand out quarantines from cafes and parties. You choose the duration yourself and can withdraw a quarantine at any time.


When can you use Happenings?


Be 100% sure that the parties are closed parties for high school students only. The students are verified with Unilogin.


You get tailored solutions for ticket sales from parents or friends and at the same time a low ticket fee.

Alumni events

Past students can buy tickets if you wish. All your participants on a guest list.


Although admission is free, Happenings works well to ensure that the Friday café is reserved for students at the school.


Make the students aware of an upcoming lecture and get an idea of how many will attend

And even more

Everything from open houses for after-school students to parties where your students can bring a friend.

How do you get started?

3 simple steps - we help you right from the start


Sign the data processing agreement


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