Used by 15.000+ students

GDPR certified

Happenings is the
social gathering point at your high school

You get a toolbox that makes it easy to create social activities, all while the school community remains safe and secure.

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What you get using Happenings

Used by 15.000+ students

ISAE 3000 Certified

Stop worrying about whether you are complying with GDPR requirements. All data is located within the EU, and Happenings is ISAE 3000 GPDR Certified.

Closed parties with Unilogin

You can be 100% sure that the high school parties are closed to high school students. Happenings is intertwined with Unilogin.

Your tool for alcohol policy

You get a tangible tool to limit alcohol sales to cafes/parties. Happenings also gives you functions for quarantines and ticket refunds.

Whistleblower system

You can detect problems early and strengthen trust because you get a reporting page. The person is completely anonymous, and you can write with the whistleblower afterwards.

Well-being surveys

Well-being surveys and statistics on participation rates give you insight into student well-being, and help improve well-being at the high school based on your situation.

Consent to images

Sharing photos from events may be illegal when the people are under 18. We have therefore made it easy to obtain consent from both students and parents.


Data you can use

We care about creating a safe environment and better well-being among young people. You gain insight into how the students feel and which classes are less socially active.

Integrated with

Class lists are up to date because we synchronize with data from the Ministry of Children and Education

Created in collaboration with +20 high schools

Happenings started as a ticket broker. Now the platform can do much more. You can feel safe because the system has been developed together with high schools from all over the country. And we are constantly improving the experience for you.


We are serious about GDPR

Happenings stores all data in the EU. We only work with European companies and for your security we have an ISAE 3000 certification.

Transparent pricing

Pay only per transaction. All prices exclusive of VAT.

Ticket sale


Minimum 5 kr

Drink vouchers


Of turnover

How do you get started?

3 simple steps - we help you right from the start


Sign the data processing agreement


Connect school via Uniloign


Invite the school's students